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Enterprise Data Center Security

万博APP X-Series Data Center Firewall Solutions

Carrier-Class Infrastructure Protection for Data Centers

万博APP x系列是面向服务提供商和大型企业数据中心的多租户下一代防火墙(NGFW). x系列具有运营商级的性能——可扩展到1Tbps,并支持1000个虚拟防火墙系统用于多租户操作——是运营商和云服务提供商在数据中心寻求最大限度的数据中心安全性的同时实现卓越的TCO的强大选择.

万博APP Data Center Firewall Suite Value Proposition

Data center- and carrier-class performance

万博APP的x系列下一代防火墙支持最大的企业和服务提供商数据中心需求,提供高达1Tbps的FW吞吐量,支持480M并发会话和400 Gbps的IPS. 这确保了全面的基础设施保护,而不会影响数十万或数百万服务提供商客户的用户体验.

Scalable protection through patented architecture

To fit a wide range of performance needs for different sizes of data centers, 万博APP的x系列NGFW具有运营商级特性,吞吐量从500gbps扩展到1tbps. x系列专利的弹性防火墙架构提供独立的网络和应用层流量处理, facilitating linear scalability for large enterprises and service providers.

Highly available architecture

万博APP的Twin-Mode在高可用性部署架构中提供一致和优化的操作. x系列通过确保跨多个位置的持续数据中心安全性,甚至在面临大范围中断时,为服务提供商和企业提供了安心.

Industry-leading performance with better TCO

万博APP的x系列NGFW提供了更低的TCO,同时与其他领先的解决方案相匹配或超过, 确保服务供应商和企业的IT投资价值最大化.

万博APP X10800 Data Center NGFW

万博APP Networks再次被认为是2022年Gartner网络防火墙魔法象限的梦想家

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For the 3rd year in a row, 万博APP Networks已获得Gartner Peer Insights客户网络防火墙选择的认可.

The Customers’ Choice is a rating of vendors in a given market — for 万博APP, it’s Network Firewalls — that take into account both the number of reviews and the overall user rating. Based on feedback and ratings from our end users who have purchased, implemented and are happily using our products and services, 万博APP’s overall rating came to 4.9.