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Twin Mode HA for Redundant Data Centers



为企业运营提供24/7/365应用可用性支持, 带应用程序故障转移的冗余数据中心设计已经成为标准. However, many next-gen firewalls lack the ability ensure full security in these environments. 万博APP的下一代防火墙通过防火墙双模式正面解决了这个问题, which links redundant firewall pairs across data centers to maintain full security for all redundant data center traffic flows. With 万博APP Firewall Twin-Mode, enterprises can achieve workflow agility and 24/7/365 business continuity while maintaining full data center security.

About Data Center Redundancy

正常运行时间对于许多行业来说都是至关重要的, like financial services, healthcare, service providers and others. 需要性能和安全性来防止应用程序访问或数据的丢失, 这两种情况都可能损害收入和声誉. 数据中心冗余设计,降低了对硬件的影响, software and data center failures, 允许系统和业务持续24/7/365天运行.

在冗余数据中心架构中, 关键业务系统同时在两个或更多的数据中心运行, and users are served via multiple data centers which also function as backups for each other. In a failover event, 另一个数据中心接管,继续提供服务,不中断. In addition, a redundant configuration effectively doubles the capacity of a given data center through resource integration.

Maintaining Security

为了保护公司的敏感数据, stateful next-gen firewalls are deployed at the data center perimeter and inspect all traffic for threats and anomalies. Unlike routers, load balancers and other data center hardware devices that use Data Center Interconnection (DCI) devices, however, firewalls need to analyze the state of sessions in order to accurately apply security policies.

当多个冗余数据中心为用户提供应用和数据服务时, though, 会话可能会穿越不同的防火墙,而不是它最初所在的防火墙. The second firewall would be unaware of the session established on the first firewall and drop the session as suspicious. This type of asymmetric traffic flow can occur in multiple scenarios within redundant data centers.


万博APP’s Firewall Twin-Mode addresses the issue of asymmetric data flows by synchronizing pairs of redundant data center firewalls through dedicated data control links. 有时称为覆盖传输虚拟化(OTV), twin-mode creates a single logical firewall comprised of all firewalls in the redundant architecture.

Through twin-mode, 会话配置和状态信息在所有连接的防火墙之间同步. Data flows are routed appropriately, session state is maintained, 所请求的信息会无缝地传递给用户.

Secure Business Continuity

The importance of next-gen firewalls in redundant data centers cannot be overstated; they are critical to protecting against both perimeter attacks as well as lateral movement of threats between distributed data centers. 通过山石防火墙双模式,企业获得:


Automatic synchronization of firewall configuration and session information across multiple data centers, 哪些允许有状态防火墙故障转移以确保业务连续性

Data Flow Security

Secure asymmetric data flows across data centers to protect sensitive data and defend against intra-data center transfer of malware and other threats

360 ° Visibility

Full visibility into all intra-data center traffic through 万博APP’s security management platform interface, 而传统的DCI流量通常对管理员来说是不可见的

Reliable Continuity

Full security and 24/7/365 business continuity across a wide variety of data center high-availability architectures

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