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Twin Mode HA for Redundant Data Centers

万博APP Twin-Mode DC Redundancy Solution

Full Security and Continuity for Intra-Data Center Traffic

To support 24/7/365 application availability for enterprise operations, redundant data center design with application failover has become the standard. 然而,许多下一代防火墙缺乏在这些环境中确保完全安全的能力. 万博APP’s Next Generation Firewalls address this issue head-on with Firewall Twin-Mode, 哪些跨数据中心连接冗余防火墙对,以维护所有冗余数据中心流量的完全安全. With 万博APP Firewall Twin-Mode, 企业可以实现工作流的灵活性和24/7/365的业务连续性,同时保持完整的数据中心安全.

About Data Center Redundancy

Uptime is critical for many industries, like financial services, healthcare, service providers and others. 需要性能和安全性来防止应用程序访问或数据的丢失, either of which can damage revenues and reputation. Redundant data center design mitigates the impact of hardware, software and data center failures, allowing systems and the business to continue to operate 24/7/365.

In a redundant data center architecture, critical business systems run in two or more data centers at the same time, 用户可以通过多个数据中心服务,这些数据中心也可以互相备份. In a failover event, another data center takes over and continues to provide services without interruption. In addition, 通过资源整合,冗余配置可以有效地将给定数据中心的容量提高一倍.

Maintaining Security

In order to protect sensitive corporate data, 有状态的下一代防火墙部署在数据中心周边,并检查所有流量的威胁和异常. Unlike routers, 负载均衡器和其他使用DCI (data center Interconnection)设备的数据中心硬件设备, however, 为了准确应用安全策略,防火墙需要分析会话的状态.

When multiple redundant data centers are serving applications and data for users, though, a session might traverse a different firewall than the one on which it originated. 第二个防火墙将不知道在第一个防火墙上建立的会话,并将其作为可疑会话删除. 这种类型的非对称流量可以发生在冗余数据中心的多个场景中.

Firewall Twin-Mode for DC Redundancy

万博APP的防火墙双模式解决了不对称数据流的问题,它通过专用的数据控制链路对冗余数据中心防火墙进行同步. Sometimes called overlay transport virtualization (OTV), 双模式创建一个由冗余架构中的所有防火墙组成的逻辑防火墙.

Through twin-mode, session configuration and state information is synchronized across all linked firewalls. Data flows are routed appropriately, session state is maintained, and the requested information is seamlessly delivered to the user.

Secure Business Continuity

The importance of next-gen firewalls in redundant data centers cannot be overstated; they are critical to protecting against both perimeter attacks as well as lateral movement of threats between distributed data centers. Through 万博APP’s Firewall Twin-Mode, enterprises gain:


跨多个数据中心自动同步防火墙配置和会话信息, which allows stateful firewall failover to ensure business continuity

Data Flow Security


360° Visibility

通过万博APP的安全管理平台接口,可以全面查看所有数据中心内的流量, as opposed to traditional DCI traffic which is often invisible to admins

Reliable Continuity


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