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NDR/NTA Solution for
Breach Prevention



人工智能用于应用先进的分析和基于逻辑的技术, including machine learning, to interpret events, support and automate decision making and help admins take sound and effective action to respond to threats and attacks. 万博APP’s AI-driven security solution offers a powerful suite of tools to help detect and prevent both known and unknown cyberattacks.



数字化转型使信息和数据以爆炸式的速度增长, and as a result, data and network security can no longer be performed with traditional threat detection and prevention techniques, whether manual or automated.

In addition, 今天的高级持续威胁(APT)攻击通常涉及一个目标, 复杂和多阶段的过程, 这就是所谓的网络攻击杀死链. 一个典型的APT包含多个阶段,使用不同的行为和攻击工具, 哪些是为了避免静态或基于签名的检测而不断修改的.

Because of all these dynamics, security and IT teams are turning to AI and ML technologies to address threat defense battles that otherwise would be impossible by human or manual processes alone.

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万博APP’s AI and ML technologies work effectively across the entire attack detection, analysis and response phases. 这些技术沿着攻击路径监视行为, then build models for standard profiles or baselines of behavior for users and other entities. Anomalous activity is flagged as suspicious, and security admins are alerted for further analysis. 人工智能引擎还能自动吸收其他来源的法医信息, 比如威胁情报和声誉, 降低噪音,提高准确度.

流量分析是万博APP人工智能驱动的安全技术的另一个亮点. 考虑到网络流量是巨大的, 单凭一个人是不可能进行实时监控和分析的. 人工智能或基于ml的技术可以帮助建立正常的交通基线, with comprehensive visibility, 异常或可疑的行为可以被识别, analyzed, and alerted.


AI or ML-based data modeling for malware detection provides superior protection even against zero-day exploits. 万博APP’s AI-driven security learns the characteristics of malware families and models them to detect both known and mutated threats, 并向管理员提供丰富的法医信息.

SOAR (Security Orchestration, 自动化和响应)的安全运营平台, or SOP, 人工智能驱动的安全的另一个重要功能是什么. With AI and ML, many routine and repetitive tasks can be defined and built into playbooks. 当给定的事件或数据访问发生时,就可以启动剧本, 把SOC人员和其他人员从较低层次的任务中解脱出来.

Available on 万博APP Solution

The i系列服务器违规检测系统 (sBDS) incorporates AI techniques to provide post-breach detection for critical servers. 万博APP’s AI-driven security solution delivers a powerful suite of tools to accurately, 高效灵活的检测和防范网络攻击.


万博APP伺服器违例侦测系统 I-Series product line detects and helps mitigate advanced multi-stage, multi-layer, 针对关键服务器和主机的威胁. 万博APP的漏洞检测解决方案可以分析, 检测和阻止针对关键服务器和主机的高级威胁.

万博APP Networks Recognized in Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Network Detection and Response for its sBDS Solution.

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