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万博APP x系列数据中心防火墙解决方案


万博APP X-Series is a multi-tenant next-generation firewall (NGFW) for service providers and large enterprise data centers. With carrier-class performance — scaling up to 1Tbps and supporting 1000 virtual firewall systems for multi-tenant operation — the X-Series is a strong choice for carriers and cloud service providers looking for the utmost data center security in their data centers while achieving a superior TCO.



万博APP’s X-Series next generation firewall supports the largest enterprise and service provider data center needs by providing up to 1Tbps FW throughput supporting 480M concurrent sessions and 400 Gbps of IPS. This ensures comprehensive infrastructure protection without compromising the user experience for hundreds of thousands or millions of service provider customers.


满足不同规模数据中心的各种性能需求, 万博APP’s X-Series NGFW scales from 500 Gbps to 1 Tbps of FW throughput with carrier-grade features. X-Series’ patented Elastic Firewall architecture provides independent processing of network and application layer traffic, 促进大型企业和服务提供商的线性可伸缩性.


万博APP’s Twin-Mode provides consistent and optimized operations in highly-available deployment architectures. The X-Series provides service providers and enterprises peace-of-mind by ensuring continued data center security across multiple locations and even in the face of widespread outages.


万博APP’s X-Series NGFW provides a lower TCO while matching or exceeding solutions from other leading incumbents, ensuring that service providers and enterprises maximize the value of their IT investments.

万博APP X10800数据中心NGFW

万博APP最新版下载 named as a Visionary in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Network Firewalls





万博APP最新版下载 A2700和A2800 NGFW通过软件和硬件升级提升性能

万博APP最新版下载 A2700 and A2800 NGFW Elevate performance through SW and HW updgrades.




Engage with us to learn more about 万博APP’s data center NGFW products by contacting your local authorized 万博APP最新版下载 reseller.

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已经连续两年了, 万博APP最新版下载 has been recognized in Gartner Peer Insights 客户的选择 for Network Firewalls.

The 客户的选择 在给定的市场中对供应商的评级是 对于万博APP来说,它是网络防火墙 ——同时考虑了评论数量和整体用户评分. 基于反馈和评级从我们的终端用户谁已经购买, 执行和愉快地使用我们的产品和服务, 希尔斯通的总体评分为4.8/5.