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万博APP 's Future - Ready
NGFW Platform

万博APP A-Series



万博APP a系列下一代防火墙具有高安全性能, flexible expansion, 完成高级威胁检测和预防, 自动化智能策略操作. This future-ready NGFW series is based on a brand new hardware architecture that offers industry-leading application layer performance to meet real-world network security needs.

高密接口可以保证良好的接入能力, 大容量的存储选项提供了更好的可见性和分析. 万博APP a系列NGFW提供完整的产品, 针对已知和未知威胁的先进防御系统, coupled with smart, 自动化、高效的策略操作,简化安全操作.

The Hardware



The 万博APP A-Series NGFW includes a full arsenal of mechanisms to provide real-time detection and protection across a spectrum of network attacks and malwares. a系列集成了反垃圾邮件、云沙箱和僵尸网络C&C保护,除了IPS、IP信誉、URL过滤、反病毒等. This next generation firewall’s unified threat detection and analytics engine coordinates across all security mechanisms to dramatically enhance efficiency while reducing network latency.


The future-ready A-Series features compact form factor and a powerful computing foundation that ensures excellent application layer performance in meeting the real-world network security needs. a系列ngfw提供强大的防火墙吞吐量性能, concurrent and new sessions, 应用层的快速性能, 在满足当前安全环境的需求方面,哪一个是至关重要的. It also offers a friendly software ecology for third-party integration to support additional security features if desired. 所有机架型号具有前和后通风,以协助散热, 在几乎任何规模的网络中,哪一个问题是值得关注的.


万博APP a系列提供高I/O端口密度, 允许NGFW作为交换机或路由器使用, 降低部署和管理成本. Expansion slots are available for a number of A-Series models to further increase performance. 大多数a系列模型上的旁路对有助于确保业务连续性. All models, including the desktop versions, include a large 8 GB onboard storage and have an expansion option for vast hard disk storage up to 2 TB, providing longer log storage time, deeper analysis, 更丰富的报告和更好的可见性.


The A-Series includes intelligent management and operation across the full policy lifecycle, from deployment to management, optimization and operation. This next generation firewall system features automated user policy deployment using RADIUS dynamic authorization. Policy management is made far more efficient through policy groupings based on business requirements. In addition, policies can be aggregated to allow a set of policies to act as a single policy. An innovative policy assistant analyzes traffic patterns and recommends refined policies for faster, 更容易和更准确的策略管理. 通过策略冗余检查,可以提高策略操作的效率和准确性, 哪些确定了禁用或删除的冗余策略, and policy hit count analysis, 这有助于进一步完善和调整政策.

万博APP Networks named as a Visionary in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Network Firewalls


万博APP Networks Recognized in Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Virtual Private Networks for its Network Firewalls

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For the 2nd year in a row, 万博APP Networks has been recognized in Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for Network Firewalls.

The Customers' Choice 在给定的市场中对供应商的评级是 对于万博APP来说,它是网络防火墙 ——同时考虑了评论数量和整体用户评分. 基于反馈和评级从我们的终端用户谁已经购买, 执行和愉快地使用我们的产品和服务, 希尔斯通的总体评分为4.8/5.