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Unified Security Management

万博APP Security Management Solutions

Centralized Analytics and Automation

万博APP的主要优势之一是一个全面的套件,为企业提供端到端覆盖, from branch to cloud. 这个集成的安全架构与我们的安全管理套件紧密合作, that provides management, 集中的分析和自动化,以帮助提高全球可见性和减少运营费用.

万博APP的安全管理集成了一个统一的视图,提供了全面的可见性,可以看到整个企业正在发生什么, from edge to cloud, 以及了解威胁表面性质的情报. Our management solutions use these insights, in conjunction with our Edge, Cloud, 服务器和应用程序保护产品,以实时行动,减轻和停止正在进行的攻击.

万博APPs’ Family of Security Management Products

Cloud-Based Security Management and Analytics Platform

Centralized Security Management, Configuration and Monitoring Solution
Centralized log retention and high-speed retrieval

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For the 2nd year in a row, 万博APP Networks已获得Gartner Peer Insights客户网络防火墙选择的认可.

The Customers’ Choice is a rating of vendors in a given market — for 万博APP, it’s Network Firewalls ——同时考虑了评论数量和整体用户评分. Based on feedback and ratings from our end users who have purchased, implemented and are happily using our products and services, 万博APP’s overall rating came to 4.8/5.